Caiti's Candles

Caiti's Candles

by Skyler & Co.

Client: Caiti's Candles
ProjectBrand Vibe / Direction Creation / Photography Direction + Web Design + Full eCommerce Store
Style: Full eCommerce with Refined Earthy Feel and Story Telling  / Sensory Design for Candle Shoppers


  • From high-level idea to full blown brand vibe & photoshoot schedule to creation & launch within 4 weeks to deploy prior virtual market deadline
  • Email Integration + pre-launch campaign and launch campaign (over 1,200+ subscribers at time of launch)
  • Over 150+ orders within 1 hour of launching
  • Brand Palette creation + brainstorm on brand vibe / mood
  • Full blown photo package scheduled and directed to fit brand vibe
  • Custom Coding & Integrations:
    • Custom Gallery of previous work
    • Custom 1:1 ratio images so client doesn't have to scale or resize images 
    • Additional buttons implemented for more direct call-to-action for shopper


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