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The Meaning Behind Our Studio Name

Citizens of the Sky

Driven by the belief that who you are and what you do matters, Citizens of the Sky builds Shopify websites that help product-based business owners streamline their business, joyfully take back their time, and nurture their God-given gifts that put them in business in the first place.


You, me, and all of us who believe that we're made for more. Hanging out earthside for now and sharing our creative goodness with the world but destined for bigger things beyond the stars.

Col 3:2 & 3:23-24 / Romans 12:6-8 / 1 Peter 4:10-11 / Phil 3:20

Most often when eCommerce business owners reach out for a new website, they’re looking for more than just a website developer – even if they don’t know it. They want someone to collaborate with & bounce ideas off of, someone to share strategic brand and business direction. They want a person that is business savvy yet feels like a friend-in-the-making. That’s us. 

At Citizens, we want our clients to be at the forefront of our business name - a place where, when you work with us, you feel like your business belongs. The word “Citizens” represents that feeling of belonging and shared participation between each of us – all for the common goal of identifying and doing the hard things to help up-level your business. Strangers? Not here. 

Pairing the term “Citizens” with “of the Sky” not only represents the shoot-for-the-stars creatives that we work with and the distance we go to upscale their businesses, but also the bigger idea that we are made for more – that we’re hanging out earthside for now and sharing our creative goodness with the world but we are destined for bigger things beyond the stars.

Strategic web developer, 1,000 piece puzzle enthusiast, believer, & your (dedicated) hype girl

Meet the Founder

I’m Skyler, the web developer and expert hype girl behind Citizens of the Sky – where I help eCommerce business owners lighten their daily load through ultra-optimized Shopify storefronts so they can pour their time back into their business.

My passion for website development started at age 8 when I coded my first website alongside my computer-engineer father in my tiny attic closet. A few decades later, my commitment to specifically help eComm entrepreneurs streamline their operations was furthered through my firsthand experience in the eCommerce industry. Since 2015, I’ve run an eco-friendly headwear company, which has been featured in Outside Magazine alongside some of the biggest names in the biz. From there, I formed Citizens of the Sky (formerly Skyler & Co.), blending my technical engineering background, deep eCommerce experience, and love for collaborating with fellow enthusiastic business owners. Making businesses run better, scale more simply, and feel fist-pumpingly good is what I’m here for.

When I’m not wrangling custom code into dreamy (and functional) Shopify builds, you can find me hiking or biking in the backcountry with my husband and son, grubbing on a good burger, partaking in a therapeutic NEEDTOBREATHE jam sesh, or dreaming about a new business to start.

Ready to shoot-for-the-stars together?


- Sky

  • The Citizens Custom

    Strategic process & procedure assessment, planning, & website design + development all rolled into the custom website of your dreams.

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    Confidently bring your dream site to reality in a matter of days through our robust course.

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    The latest Citizens' whose businesses have been defined and transformed.

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