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APJ Designs

by Skyler & Co.

Review from Amanda, Owner of APJ Designs:

I feel like as a small business owner, I always have trouble asking for help.  Some part of me is like I have to do everything, but that’s definitely not the case.  When I came across a website Skyler had built I was so impressed!  It was so beautifully done, the layout was easy to navigate, the colors really highlighted the products, it was all so nice!  I had worked on a website myself but it was in desperate need of a makeover.  I figured why not reach out to this web designer that does amazing work, so that’s what I did! 

It was such an exciting day when she emailed me back that she had some spots available!  We scheduled a time to chat and after that hour I was so excited about the prospects of building a website that was truly my brand!  Skyler is so personable and really makes you feel so comfortable right off the bat and is amazing at keeping you both on schedule!  The collaboration process is awesome. 

All the training videos are super helpful in understanding the layout and what you need to do moving forward.  I can’t speak highly enough of Skyler and the work she does, I love that she looks to help the little businesses out there!  My site is so amazing and really reflects my jewelry brand and where I hope to take my business, I’m so grateful that I found Skyler.

It was so fun to be on the phone together for launch day, Skyler really helps calm the exciting/nervous jitters you feel haha.  Even when we got off the phone together my husband was like you guys sound like old friends J I truly feel like I made a friend during the whole process and got an amazing new website too!! Well worth the investment, definitely the best decision I made for my business last year.  

You’re the best!

-Amanda, APJ Designs  

Client: APJ Designs
Project: Consulting on Brand Direction / Color Palette / Re-brand Web Design + Full eCommerce Store
Style: Full eCommerce with earthy yet everday feel + refined & elegant vibe for jewelry wearers


  • From high-level idea to full blown brand vibe & photoshoot schedule to creation & launch within 6 weeks
  • Email Integration + pre-launch campaign and launch campaign
  • Brand palette brainstorm for brand vibe / mood
  • Secured new domain + re-directed old domains tied to brand
  • Custom Coding & Integrations:
    • Custom Gallery of previous work
    • Custom 1:1 ratio images so client doesn't have to scale or resize images 
    • Additional buttons implemented for more direct call-to-action for shopper

apj designs website and skyler & co developer


To see more, visit shopapjdesigns.com!

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