Amanda Ballengee

Amanda Ballengee

by Skyler Thomas

Testimonial from Amanda:

"As an entrepreneur, you’re tasked with many responsibilities while pursuing what you envision for your business. One of the daunting tasks is translating your brand, purpose, and what you have to offer to others. I thought I understood just how important a solid site would be for this purpose, but only truly realized the significance after working with Skyler. Not only did she make the entire process smooth, engaging, and personable, but she helped me in so many additional ways by sharing her sage advice from years of business experience. Throughout the process, communication was encouragingly seamless, while every detail was discussed, and executed. The end result was everything and more that I had ever envisioned for not only a website, but a beautiful and sound foundation to further build a business on. All while Skyler walked me through all the backend training, so I felt confident leading up to the big launch day, that exceeded all my expectations! My only regret was not coming to her sooner!"

Other Kind Words from Amanda:
"I happened to stumble across your work through Ruby & Revolver's site, knowing in the back of my mind I needed a developer, but didn't know how or when to do so. On a complete whim I reached out to you, and the rest is history! You have been the best to work with in every way, and made such a daunting task a breeze. I hope to stay in touch as I strive to continue to grow this little business of mine, and will surely need your hired expertise in the future. I will most definitely be sending you a heartfelt testimonial when I have a moment to sit down and do it right. I know how important they are for potential clients, and they need to know you're the BEST there is to work with!"
Client: Amanda Ballengee Art & Illustrations
Project: Web Design + Email Client + Wholesale Portal
Style: Grit meets fine art + streamlined, easy to shop interface 
Instagram: @amandaballengee
  • Re-directed domain & facilitated seamless switch from Squarespace to Shopify
  • Email Integration and Training + pre-launch campaign and launch campaign & welcome email series with a >60% open rate. Email list grew by 15% within launch week alone.
  • Launch product direction & suggestions to optimize launch day sales
  • Implemented the ability to accept wholesale orders through the Shopify platform
  • Custom Coding & Integrations:
    • Advanced portfolio setup & custom collection pages to leverage different portfolios depending on what the customer is shopping for (i.e. Illustrations vs. Oil Paintings, etc)
    • Additional buttons implemented for more direct call-to-action for shopper
You can view Amanda's live website here
Please note: After launch, Skyler & CO. the website may look different than the above due to client's making their own edits & changes.

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