Indie & Co.

Indie & Co.

by Skyler Thomas

Client: Indie & Co. (formerly A Dip of Darling)

Project: Web Design + Full Point of Sale & Barcode Integration + Full eCommerce Store
Style: Full eCommerce + Point of Sale (POS) with large catalog of products from different vendors with professional & multi-channel selling


  • From concept to creation - migrated and managed timeline of launch + a full re-brand collection creation and email campaign ready within 8 weeks. 
  • Implemented new domain for new brand name ( on behalf of client and transferred old domain from Wix to new domain management + re-routed previous domain (
  • Enterprise Klaviyo Email Integration and Training+ pre-launch campaign and launch campaign. Text messaging integration too.
  • Custom Coding & Integrations:
    • Auto-assignment of SKUs / Barcodes + Point of Sale system hardware & label requirements + training on workflow of lifecycle of product when it comes in the door to when it is bagged, tagged, and labeled on the floor.
    • Back in stock auto-emails to customers
    • In-depth, strategic sorting and filtering capabilities (by ring size + collection type)
    • Ability for customers to "favorite" items and have a saved "wishlist" when visiting to site
    • Integration with Faire Wholesale
    • Custom 1:1 ratio images so client doesn't have to scale or resize images 

Indie & Co.'s Homepage:

You can see more over on Indie & Co.'s website here

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