Happy Habitat

Happy Habitat

by Skyler Thomas

Kind Words from Karrie:
"Seriously- you are a rarity! It's been seamless! And not exhausting but exciting! You've been an absolute pleasure to work with-- totally hit me up about writing a review, I'll put real thought into it!"
Skyler has set the standard high for me on how projects like this should be done. I knew what to expect in the process as she was clear about that up front, but didn’t expect that it would actually be fun along the way. Her knowledge and expertise were impressive, and if she didn’t know something, she was honest about it— and figured it out! She was open to new ideas, but also knew the best practices and what would be bring traffic and sales. I would 100% recommend Skyler to every one I know who would like update their website with fresh design and thoughtful behind the scenes insight. Personally, I love to mix business and pleasure— and Skyler exceeded my expectations on both. 
Client: Happy Habitat
Project: Web Design + Full Large Inventory eCommerce Store + Wholesale Portal
Style: Simple + functional meets large inventory + professional
Instagram: @happyhabitat
  • Facilitated large .com purchase (happyhabitat.com migrating from happyhabitat.net). Implemented + connected new domain behalf of client and transferred old domain from Squarespace to new domain management + re-routed previous domain (happyhabitat.net).
  • Enterprise Email Integration and Training + pre-launch campaign and launch campaign to ~3,500 customers with ~50% open rates
  • Management of full new product releases + multiple photoshoots & integrating those seamlessly into the website for the client
  • Custom Coding & Integrations:
    • Advanced, in-depth & custom filtering options based on color, vibe, and more
    • Custom Quiz integration - series of questions that are asked + answered and serve up specific, curated results based on the inputs
    • Back in stock auto-emails to customers when product is out of stock
    • Integration of custom internal enterprise Wholesale Portal for her 100's of retailers to easily shop and submit orders at wholesale prices
    • Custom 1:1 ratio images so client doesn't have to scale or resize images 
    • Removal of product title + pricing for seamless, gallery style shopping experience

Happy Habitat's Homepage:

You can see more of Happy Habitat's website here!
Home Page Before vs. After:
Please note: After launch, Skyler & CO. the website may look different than the above due to client's making their own edits & changes.

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