Broken Pine Studio

Broken Pine Studio

by Skyler Thomas

Review from Shannon, Owner of Broken Pine Studio:

“When Skyler reached out to me about building a website, I’m certain she had already taken the time to learn the heart behind my brand and the vision I wanted to share with my customers. With our first phone call I knew from the start that this was a wonderful opportunity being offered and she was the only person who could help me. Skyler gave me the permission and nudge I needed to believe my product and all the work I put into it, was worth going the extra step in having a professional and workable e-commerce platform built. 

The quality of her work that you see here is just as beautiful as she is behind the scenes making it all happen. Skyler hit all of her delivery dates as promised—and she was so patient with me. Her sneak peek videos and training calls were very detailed and explanatory, and the big launch date went off without a single hitch! It has now been one month out since my website launch and I have surpassed the cost of this investment in her services. 

It’s difficult to express here in a few short paragraphs all that care and detail she put forth, but Skyler’s work shines through best when she is given opportunity to showcase businesses she believes in. There are very few people I would hand the reins over to when it comes to my business but she was the best teammate I could have ever hoped for—and it was a partnership. Skyler’s work here blended beautifully with mine. Now that the project is complete, I miss her. I can only hope that any other person I bring in to help me with my business needs will be just as creative, bright and wonderful as she is.” 

Client: Broken Pine Studio
Project: Web Design + Full eCommerce Store + Main Logo Creation + Brand Color Creation
Style: Full eCommerce + Easy to Use & Personal Feel as Previously Sold on Etsy
Instagram: @brokenpinestudio
Facebook: Broken Pine


  • Full Domain DNS connection
  • Customer Accounts Integration 
  • Email Integration + pre-launch campaign and launch campaign (gained hundreds of subscribers in a period of just a few weeks)
  • Brand Palette creation + primary logo creation
  • Easy to use shop on backend and for user as owner and customer base was previously used to Etsy
  • Custom Coding & Integrations:
    • Custom Gallery of previous work
    • Additional buttons implemented for more direct call-to-action for shopper

Broken Pine Studio and Skyler & Co. Website Developer Jewelry Website Developer

Broken Pine Studio and Skyler & Co Skyler and Co Jewelry Website Developer

You can see more over on Broken Pine Studio's website here!


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